Jim Stynes Foundation

Supporting Disadvantaged Youth

Champion footballer, selfless philanthropist, respected writer, inspiring youth worker, qualified teacher, passionate chairman, loving husband, caring father and most of all, a role-model to thousands. The Jim Stynes name means many things to many different people. Whichever Jim you think of, whichever words you use to describe him, it’s certain to be of a positive nature.

The Jim Stynes Foundation perpetuates the work of the late Jim Stynes by supporting disadvantaged youth. Harnessing Jim’s passion for sport, his allies and his charitable inceptions, the foundation curates a list of charities and distributes 100% of all donations to these beneficiaries.



We have curated a specific list
of worthy charities that we believe
honour and embody Jim’s values.



You select how much you’d like to
contribute to our cause with either a
single or regular ongoing donation.



All admin costs are privately absorbed
so that 100% of all donations are
distributed to the chosen beneficiaries.

“I truly believe that every person, especially
young people, have unlimited potential.”

Who we support

We distribute funds to worthy and specifically chosen registered charities that we feel honour and embody the values of Jim and the foundation. Administration costs are privately absorbed to ensure that every dollar donated flows through to the beneficiaries.

2020 JSCL Award Winner

The AFL and Jim Stynes Foundation are pleased to announce the winner of the 2020 Jim Stynes Community Leadership Award.
The JSCL Award recognises current players who demonstrate the same values as personified by Jim.

Each year the JSCL Award winner will receive $20,000 from the AFL and $20,000 from the Jim Stynes Foundation to be
donated to the charity or community program of their choice.


Houli is regarded as a community leader and role model through the work of the Bachar Houli Foundation. The Bachar Houli Foundation has engaged over 30,000 young people and delivers nine unique national programs annually including the Bachar Houli Academies, Ramadan dinners, Bachar Houli Cup and employment program.